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DRAW - European Junior Curling Challenge 2015

Prague Curling Club, Prague, Czech Repbulic, 03-09 January 2015

1. World Curling Federation (WCF) rules apply, unless otherwise indicated below, or stated during the official Team Meetings, which is scheduled at 11:45 (women) and 16:05 (men) in the Prague Curling Club main lounge on Saturday, 3 January 2015.

2. The Junior Women (14 teams) will be divided into two (2) groups; and the Junior Men (18 teams) will be divided into three (3) groups; Junior Women “WA - blue highlighted” and “WB - yellow highlighted”, and the Junior Men “MA - black lettering” and “MB - blue lettering” and "MC - red lettering". The teams in each group are listed below. Each group plays a round robin series. At the end of the round robin series there will be a clear ranking within each group. This ranking will be done in accordance with the WCF Rules of Competition (October 2014). There will be no tie-breaker games; the playoff format will be a single qualification game for the Junior Men to find the last team for the quarter-finals, then both genders play quarter-finals, semi-finals, Gold/Silver and Bronze Medal games as shown in the schedule.The winners of the Gold Medals will qualify their Association for the 2015 World Junior Curling Championships.

3. All games will be eight (8) ends, with extra end(s) to break tied games.

4. First named team in each round robin game plays stones with dark coloured handles, and should wear dark coloured upper playing garments. Red is considered a dark colour.

5. There will be a five-minute practice for each team before each round robin game. The practice starts 15 minutes before the game time that is shown on the schedule (i.e. – schedule shows 08:00, therefore 07:45 – 07:50 the first team practices and then delivers their LSD stones; this is followed by the second team for 5 minutes and then their LSD stones; when everyone is ready the game begins).The team with the first practice during the round robin will be:a) Junior Women - dark stones practice, first except in the WB game "den - nor" where "nor" practices first.b) Junior Men - dark stones practice first, except in the first game where a coin toss will determine first and second practice.

6. At the conclusion of the team’s pre-game practice, two players deliver stones (one clockwise, one counter-clockwise) to the tee at the home end. The team with the lesser Last Stone Draw (LSD) has the choice of delivering first or second stone in the first end. If the LSDs are equal, a coin toss will determine which team has the choice.

7. In any post round robin games if the teams are from the same group, the team with the higher ranking will have the choice of last stone in the first end, or choice of stone handle colour. If from different groups, the teams will toss, the winner of the toss will have the choice of first or second practice, or, stone handle colour, and then the Last Stone Draw procedure will be used to determine the last stone in the first end.

8. The Chief Umpire will determine the ice for all playoff games as soon as the opponents have been determined.